I just want to create and make beautiful things with women who inspire me.
— Zeina S.


specializing in Embroidery ART

Zeina is a Syrian artist, humanitarian and social activist. She started a small co-op in her hometown of Aleppo in 2011, opening her small home to any woman in need of an iron, sewing machine or artist tool. She encouraged them to make beautiful items and used her network to sell the handmade embroidered goods. Which helped support the women and their families during difficult times during the war. She was forced to move her workshop to Beirut, Lebanon as the conflict raged and it became more dangerous. She took with her what she could carry and established her second atelier for displaced women and artisans.

Today, her atelier trains and works with 25 women in the art of embroidery. Through exhibitions and her team’s reputation for quality work, her handmade goods have reached customers in France, UK and the USA.  

artisans EMPLOYED: 25