Mint + Laurel is a lifestyle brand focused on products from or inspired by the Middle East.
Launched in 2019 and based in Los Angeles, CA, we are a collective group of CREATORS, PROBLEM SOLVERS and DREAMERS, who believe in
products with a purpose. A social enterprise founded by three women with one vision - to connect highly skilled artisans to an untapped global market.



We CURATE and deliver organic, luxury, handmade products, by scouring the globe, in search of master craftsman from countries at war or forced displacement. Our artisan partners expand from Syria, Lebanon and Tunisia. We HONOR and nurture the sustainability of these products by preserving a heritage, while redefining them in a contemporary voice. We CONNECT you to the artisan and their work, by telling their story, so you know where your product is coming from and how it was crafted.


WE partner with
at-risk artisan communities from the middle east


WHo WE are



Mai Barazi - Rama Chakaki - Kinda Hibrawi


MAI BARAZI SYRIAN-AMERICAN FROM HAMA, specializes in humanitarian aid and displacement operations for twenty years in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Bangladesh and Ethiopia. With a background in crisis management, international relations, capacity building, training and development. She has trained over 500 aid workers and displaced persons on camp management, coordination and community organization. Mai holds a Master’s degree in Public Leadership from The University of Texas at Austin.
RAMA CHAKAKI SYRIAN-AMERICAN FROM HAMA and DAMASCUS, applies 25 years of technical and communications experience to her passion: social development for Arab youth. She runs the VIP.fund, a venture philanthropy fund investing in youth programs and technology startups. Currently, Rama serves on the board of the Syrian International Business Association. She’s a founding member of Arab Women in Computing and the first regional Women Angel investment Network (WAIN) and also served on the board of TechWadi, PCRF, PACES, The Impact HUB – UAE , Challenge to Change and Nakhweh. In addition to a certificate in Designing for Social Systems from Stanford University, Rama holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and a Master’s in Engineering Management from George Washington University.

KINDA HIBRAWI SYRIAN-AMERICAN FROM ALEPPO, an internationally renowned painter and creative director with branding and marketing skills in the non-profit sector. Her artwork has been exhibited both internationally and nationally to sold out shows in the U.S. She has over a decade of experience in creative design, non-profit development, advocacy and outreach, she has worked on various projects with the U.S. State Department, UNRWA, UNICEF as well as national organizations. The United Nations named her a 2012 Global Thinker and Influencer at the Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development. Kinda holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from California State University of Fullerton.