Based in Los Angeles, CA, Mint + Laurel is a lifestyle brand focused on products from or inspired by the Middle East.
We are a collective group of CREATORS, PROBLEM SOLVERS and DREAMERS, who believe in products with a purpose. A
social enterprise founded by three women with one vision - to connect highly skilled artisans to an untapped global market.



We CURATE and deliver organic, luxury, handmade products, by scouring the globe, in search of master craftsman from countries at war or forced displacement. Our artisan partners expand from Syria, Lebanon and Tunisia. We HONOR and nurture the sustainability of these products by preserving a heritage, while redefining them in a contemporary voice. We CONNECT you to the artisan and their work, by telling their story, so you know where your product is coming from, how it was crafted and who made it.  


WE partner with
at-risk artisan communities from the middle east