Soap Bar + Loofah Gift Box

Soap Bar + Loofah Gift Box



  • Aleppo Soap Bar

  • Damascus Body Mitt Loofah

  • History of Aleppo Soap Info Card

ALEPPO SOAP Aleppo laurel soap is the perfect all over bath bar for the body, but can also be used on face and hair. This all natural soap is considered to be one of the purest artisanal soaps ever made with only five ingredients (olive oil, laurel oil, water, lye and essential oils).  Dating back 2,000 years, this ancient tradition of Syrian soap-making, is still prepared in small handcrafted batches, cooked in heated cauldrons, and then air-dried and cured for nine months. Available in five essential oil scents.

DAMASCUS LOOFAH is a body mitt made of 100% hemp or cotton that fits comfortably inside your hand. Use our exclusive body mitt imported from Damascus, Syria and get ready to wake up your skin. Our invigorating body mitt helps to stimulate microcirculation, leaving your skin, softer and smoother in an instant. Available in two strengths: MEDIUM (white) / STRONG (brown)

Hasan has been in the laurel soap business since 1984, and has persevered despite the lack of resources due to the war in Syria. Connecting his artisanal soaps to a global market helps strengthen the local farming community and contribute to Syria’s economic development. Upon arrival to our warehouse in LA, the soaps and loofahs are individually gift wrapped and packaged by hand. Each soap purchase supports the advancement of artisan entrepreneurs, both in the U.S. and the Middle East.


WOOD BOX DIMENSIONS: 4.25” X 4.25” X 2.5”

As an option add our Signature Mint + Laurel Note Card for that extra special touch.

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“My friend gifted me a set of Aleppo Soaps and initially I thought they were too pretty to use and displayed them in my home instead. I noticed a soap was missing and found out that my husband had taken the Amber/Musk and started using it, he loves it! My current favorite is Damask Rose. I use it in the shower with the Damascus Loofah Body Mitt. These soaps are hand-made with love and create such an inspiring social impact. I'll be buying more soon - for myself and as gifts for those I love!”